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Can We Affect Our Longevity?

15 October 14:00 • The Future of Research • Liljevalchs

An interactive conversation about how our diet affects our longevity, and our ability to influence it – with Ellen Bushell and Rikard Landberg

A conversation centered around our ability to influence our longevity and how health varies with socio-economic status from a global perspective but also in Sweden. The conversation focuses on how lifestyle with emphasis on diet and nutrition affect longevity, but also the importance of infectious diseases and the connection between diet and infection. For example, the link between Covid-19 and vitamin D. How infectious diseases are affected by diet and lifestyle factors and differences in life expectancy between low- and middle-income countries compared with Sweden.

Ellen Bushell is a malaria researcher at Umeå University and Rikard Landberg is a researcher in food science at University of Gothenburg.

Take the chance to meet some of Sweden’s most promising young researchers. In collaboration with Young Academy of Sweden, quizzes, conversations and mini lectures with interactive elements are organized during the autumn in connection with the Nobel Prize Museum’s exhibition Life Eternal at Liljevalchs. The events take place on Saturday afternoons and are included in the regular admission ticket.