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The Memor

25 January • Liljevalchs
Bild: Lundahl & Seitl (Foto: Soma Sati).

The Memor is a guided interactive experience where the visitors depart on both a collective and an extremely personal journey. Participants will be using VR goggles, voice instructions, three-dimensional sound, synchronized movement and touch.

Welcome to an inter / intra – active experience during the exhibition Life Eternal, an exhibition curated by the Nobel Prize Museum at Liljevalchs.

Over the course of two days, we are pleased to arrange a special viewing of the artwork Eternal Return: The Memor (2019–2022), created by Lundahl & Seitl and ScanLAB Projects, where Virtual Reality can be defined as an ability rather than a form of technology.

The Memor involves VR technologies in friction with material objects and the human ability to receive a world. Inside the 3D scanned environments, the visitor’s own body is present as a ghost. An absent presence. The body which enables the experience of virtual space is a wetware repository of minerals, bacteria, and traces of energy systems. From Earth’s deep past as unicellular cyanobacteria, through to its post-anthropocentric future, The Memor is a testimony of all living matters’ close connection with geology: the surface of the earth stored within a lineage of objects, tools, and technological matters, inseparable from the human Umwelt.

Eternal Return by Lundahl & Seitl and ScanLAB Projects is accompanied by The Memor, a speculative fiction text by Malin Zimm, as an expanded narrative framework.

Introduction: 5 min 
Interactive experience:  20 min
Outro: 5 min 
Language: English  

We recommend you to arrive in time and make time for a tour in the main exhibition Life Eternal before the museum closes at 20:00. 


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