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Symphony of a Missing Room

1 December 18:00 • Liljevalchs
Bild: Lundahl & Seitl

SternWarte – A Language of What May Not Be Said

Welcome to an interactive experience during the exhibition Life Eternal, an exhibition curated by the Nobel Prize Museum at Liljevalchs.

Symphony of a Missing Room is a guided tour where the visitors depart on both a collective and an extremely personal journey. Participants will be using sightless goggles, voice instructions, three-dimensional sound, synchronized movement and touch. The participants are divided two by two.

In Symphony of a Missing Room: Sternwarte, we are receivers of the light that travels from the stars and penetrates our retina. We exercise the extension of our sensorial experience into the surroundings and attempt to make contact with a signal that reaches us from a multiple light-years distance. Participants wear white goggles that induce a spatial white-out, partly rendering our sensory interface to the world incomplete, and partly enabling a new relationship with the surroundings by blurring the distinction between sensing/reasoning, and body/mind. A guiding hand gradually earns our trust, while a whisper in the ear synchronizes our movement and breathing with the architectural sound in the headphones, closing the sensorial loop between our body and the imagined space through a reversed engineering of the vision.

In Symphony of a Missing Room: Sternwarte, the value of agency and guidance is constantly negotiated in a dance of listening, adapting, and responding to cues we learn to read with our bodies. Objects and events from the past have been integrated into the works’ choreographic score. They trigger future experiences, surfacing in the close contact and friction between visual and auditory organs, on the nerves and the skin of the two bodies temporarily becoming the work.

Introduction: 10-15 min
Interactive experience:  25 min
Outro: 10 min
Language: English

We recommend you to arrive in time and take a tour in the exhibition before the program  starts as Liljevalchs closes at 20:00.

The tickets also include entrance to the Nobel Prize Museum within 1 month.

*If you purchase a membership you will be registered for Symphony of a Missing Room and a membership at Nobel Prize Museum. Your membership card will then be ready for pick up at Liljevalchs when you arrive.